Aromatherapy is the ancient art & science of using essential oils as therapeutic agents for the holistic treatment of body, mind and spirit. These amazingly powerful oils are derived from specific species of plants found in all areas of the world.  The oil is extracted from various plant parts (flowers, bark, leaves, seeds etc) by means of steam distillation, cold press, enfleurage and solvent extraction. The resulting oil should have nothing added or removed during this process. 


Each essential oil has its own unique chemical constituents, properties and characteristics. E/O's influence the body - physically, emotionally and spiritually. All essential oils are anti-bacterial to some degree, although some more then others. Other oils have strong anti-spasmodic, analgesic, or anti-inflammatory properties. Some E/O's activate the

para-sympathetic system and others stimulate the sympathetic system or balance both.


Not all essential oils are created equal. Always purchase essential oils from a trusted source to ensure what you are buying is authentic and unadulterated.

Trusted products should always contain the following information on the bottle's label.

English Name & Botanical Name // There are many variations of Eucalyptus but only a few have medicinal properties this is why its important to know the botanical name.

Extraction Method // This will tell you how the oils was extracted

Country of Origin // Where it was grown and harvested.

Part of the Plant // i.e. branches, flower, bark, seeds, leaves.

Batch Number // For better tracking

Expiry Date / Bottling Date // Most essential oils have a very long shelf life if stored properly, and never left unopened for any length of time.

plant based ingredients
born of the earth



Aromatherapy is meant to compliment conventional medical treatment, not replace it. Always consult your doctor before starting any new therapies. Seek advice from a qualified

aromatherapist before using essential oils if you are pregnant, nursing, suffer from epilepsy, hypertension (high blood pressure), have cancer or liver damage or any other medical condition. Essential oils are highly concentrated so more is

not better.

// The quality of the essential oil is crucial to the therapeutic benefit so always use pure essential oils from a trusted source

// Never take essential oils internally

// Never apply oils undiluted on your skin. Always dilute in a carrier such as a base oil, lotion or salt mixture

// Store essential oils in a cool, dark place away from sunlight and heat sources

// If skin irritation occurs from an essential oil blend, discontinue use

// Take care as to not get any essential oils into your eyes or on any mucus membranes if this should occur, dilute with a base oil such as olive oil, don't use water to rinse.

// Check for any interaction with essential oils and medication

// Some essential oils are photo sensitive to sunlight and cause skin sensitivity to light


Essential oils can be beneficial to children as well as adults however it is important to remember that these botanical extracts are very potent and should always be kept out of the reach of children. Natural doesn't necessarily mean safe.  If swallowed essential oils can be very harmful if not fatal to children. 

// When buying essential oils only purchase bottles that contain a dropper dispenser in the neck of the bottle. Its harder to ingest an oil with a dispenser

// Essential oils should never be used undiluted but especially not on children

// Children's bodies are smaller and their skin more sensitive, always use 1% dilution or 2-3 drops of essential oil in 20 ml carrier oil

// Use extreme caution with children under a year. Do not use essential oils in any dilution on babies younger then 6 months

// Essential oils safe to use on children in the correct quantities and dilution.  See recommended blending chart in the Recipes and Blending tab. Roman Chamomile, True lavender, Eucalyptus Radiata, Thyme linalol, Mandarin

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